Rent the best quality AV equipment for your next event.

When you're looking for a laptop rental for an event or a TV display for a trade show, we have top-of-the-line equipment to get the job done. Your employees should not have to worry about carrying heavy laptops, audio equipment, or video cameras with them when they travel. Instead, rent the equipment they need for their next project from OneStop Computer & Audio Visual Rentals, including a projector rental. They will no longer have to worry about equipment being damaged during travel or missing parts upon arrival. Let our team prepare your team for its next presentation, conference, or trade show no matter the equipment needed.


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PC/Mac Computer &
Tablet Rentals

From Macbook Pros to workhorse PCs, we have the right high-quality computer equipment for your next convention, conference, or business meeting. You no longer have to worry about employees being prepared for your conference when you rent laptops, tablets, or desktops from OneStop Computer & Audio Visual Rentals. With several brands and models to choose from, you will be sure to find a device that meets your needs and stays within your budget. Schedule a desktop or laptop computer rental today.

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Nothing quite makes a statement as a beautiful 4K display at your next trade show booth. We have the displays, wall mounts, stands, and monitors you need to make your presentation pop. Renting TVs and monitors for your conference, your trade show appearance, or your meeting room can make a presentation the best possible presentation. Powerpoint presentations, videos, reports, and anything else shown to stakeholders, contractors, vendors, or other important groups are best done on 4K TVs. If you are looking for a display other than a TV, be sure to secure a projector rental from OneStop Computer & Audio Visual Rentals.

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    Projection Rentals

    When you host different events, whether it be a business conference, a training session, an award ceremony, or a trade show, you may want to show a presentation, photos, or video to a group of people at some point. In order to do so, you’ll have to set up TV monitors, screens, projectors, audio equipment like microphones and speakers, and more. If the venue space doesn’t have this equipment available, don’t worry! At OneStop AV, we have the perfect solution with our projector and screen rentals. Our team is here to help you decide which equipment is best to rent for your event. You don’t want the attendees to miss out on a great viewing experience. You need them to be engaged and interested in what they see on the projection screens.

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    Video Rentals

    So, why is video equipment important in event planning? Most events are put on to create excitement from your audience, share your message and hard work to your audience. Having high-quality video equipment at your event is an important part of putting on a professional-level event. Whether you're new to video production or a long-time professional, having the proper video equipment is also an essential part of your event. From projectors, switchers and cameras, you'll have your choice of exceptional equipment from OneStop AV. Screens are also an important consideration in relation to size, projection method and setting. Our superior QC process will ensure you receive clean, fully functioning video equipment for all your convention, corporate event or meeting needs.

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    Audio Rentals

    From music to making sure you are heard, when you need to project sound, we have everything you need. We carry the best in microphones, mixers, speakers, and more. Our audio equipment is perfect to take your next big event up to the next level. Audio equipment rentals can also take your business to the next level, especially when you are releasing a podcast. Podcasting is the newest and most popular form of media used by brands and companies to promote themselves. Podcasting can only be done correctly when the proper equipment is used. Rest assured, OneStop Computer & Audio Visual Rentals has the equipment needed to produce and publish a top podcast.

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    Printers and Copiers

    Printers and copiers are necessary pieces of equipment to run a business, no matter how large or small. Even though the world has migrated to the cloud, going as paperless as possible, printers and copiers are still required in many industries. If you only need one of these devices for a week or a month, or would just prefer not to purchase it, you can secure a rental from OneStop Computer & Audio Visual Rentals.

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    Tech Accessories

    We never forget about the details and our accessories are no exception. From high output printers to TV stands, you will be ready. We go over everything to make sure nothing is left out when needed most.

    Don’t have what you are looking for? We are OneStop. We can help you find the equipment you are looking for to help your business succeed. From a projector rental to a microphone rental and everything in between, OneStop Computer & Audio Visual Rentals will provide the equipment your company requires. With many brands and models under one roof, you can find anything you need to present a high-quality show, pitch, or other event.

    Some of the other tech accessories you can rent from us include the following:

    • Projector rental
    • Software
    • TV stands
    • Keyboards
    • Mice
    • Mobile hotspots
    • Presentation remotes

    Don’t see an item listed that you need for your next conference or presentation? Call us today at 1-800-782-1706 so we can acquire it for you.

    We're here to help you.

    Choosing OneStop AV, means you are choosing quality equipment and a knowledgable staff without breaking the bank. We go over everything you need – meaning no hidden surprises and just the right equipment for your event.
    Ready to plan your next big event?

    Ready to plan your next big event? A projector rental, TV rental, or computer rental from OneStop Computer & Audio Visual Rentals can make your life easier running a company. Ensure your employees are prepared for events, showcases, conferences, and internal meetings. Or, be sure to blow away potential clients at trade shows. Call OneStop Computer & Audio Visual Rentals at 1-800-782-1706 today, or get a quote online to secure your equipment rental for your next event.