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Audio Visual Equipment for Trade Shows 101

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It is no secret that laptop computers are integral to day-to-day work. We all feel bad when we cannot finish our daily tasks due to laptop problems. This problem multiplies greatly for companies who depend on laptop computers to run their technology at trade shows, corporate events, and conventions. Just one laptop rental can cost hundreds of dollars, so it is easy to see why having a laptop die or malfunction can be such an unneeded expense for any company.


Having laptop problems while you’re out on a trade show might not be as big of a deal as you think because there are ways that you can be prepared before even going out on the road. Here are some tips for laptop rentals:


1) Schedule your laptop before going on a laptop rental. Know your laptop’s “pulse”. Make sure that your laptop is running smoothly and with few problems, especially if it is used for trade shows.


2) Properly maintain laptop computers. Avoid letting them go without restarting or sleep mode from time to time as this can cause the laptop computer to run more slowly and eventually give up altogether. Instead, take an hour or two every couple of days to let your laptop rest.


3) If laptop rental is essential to you, consider buying a laptop for trade shows instead. But be sure that its specifications will meet the needs of your business while also being affordable.


4) Don’t stop at laptop rentals when it comes to protecting yourself against technology problems while doing laptop rentals. Make sure all employees have high-speed internet connections and access to corporate email accounts in case their computers fail them during trade show season. This way they can still do what they need to without being completely cut off from their computer network or data files. These things are just as important if not more so than providing laptops for your staff members working at the event.


6) Find out which laptop computers are brought by your competition or by potential clients attending your laptop rental event. It is never good when someone brings the exact same laptop as yours because they can do everything you can at the laptop trade show.


7) Provide your laptop rental employees with all of the laptop computer accessories they will need while at the convention. This includes laptop locks, charging stations, laptop computers for trade show stands (to make sure their laptop rentals are secure), and all necessary laptop rentals accessories like mice, power cords, and display adapters to connect to older monitors.


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OneStop Audio Visual Rentals is the go-to laptop rental provider for trade shows, conferences, and training events. We are committed to offering you the highest level of customer service at every stage of your experience with us!

For more information on laptop computer rentals, you can contact us online or call us at 1-800-782-1706.

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