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How to Choose The Right Computer or Laptop Rentals for Your Conference

You are hosting a major conference and are facing a significant challenge: you need computers for the meeting. You may not want to risk transporting your in-house computers to the conference for fear of losing valuable information or damaging them in transit. Or maybe you just do not own the right amount or right kind of equipment. Your best option is to look into rental computers. You can rent a PC or rent a MacBook for your next big conference. This allows you to have access to the technology you need without worrying about the logistics of transport, setup, and potential losses. 

Review the Operating System

It may be a no-brainer for some whether to rent a PC or to rent a MacBook. You might be a PC-reliant company and therefore want to rent a PC or multiple PCs for your upcoming conference. On the other hand, your company may be Apple all the way, which means you would want to rent a MacBook. You may prefer to rent a PC if you expect a mixed crowd of people outside of your company, as this is often easier for traditional businesses. If you are offering a presentation with multiple presenters, this may be the route to take as well since PCs are compatible across several brands, but Apple generally needs Apple brand equipment or adapters. 

Younger crowds and creatives are more inclined to use Apple products because of the ease of use and programs they offer. When you rent a MacBook for your conference, you should consider how the crowd will interact with your business. If you have created a presentation using Apple software, it may not be compatible with another brand of computer, and you should then rent a MacBook. You should consider the specifications of each brand when finding the best rental option for your business or conference. 

How Many Computers Do You Need?

Now that you have determined the kind of rental you need, you will next need to decide how many you will need. Are you attempting to have enough computers for each attendee, or just one or two extras for presentations? If you choose to rent a PC or Apple desktop, you will need to figure out how much space you have to work with at the location and how many people are expected to be in attendance. You will also need to decide how much space you will need for any wiring and connectivity. If you rent a MacBook or PC laptop, there may be significantly less space required for the conference, but you should still consider the number of outlets available. You also may want to rent other accessories such as a hotspot to accommodate a large group using the Wi-Fi or extra keyboards to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

What Are the Details of the Event?

Knowing the event details can go a long way in determining how many laptops or desktops you will need to rent. Be sure to set up everything well before guests start to arrive, and try to have a dry run to avoid any technical issues. If possible, have a technical aide either from your company or the rental company on site should any issues occur on the day of the event. 

Get a Quote

Now that you have figured out a plan of action, it is time to get some quotes. You should ask as many questions as possible to ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. This conference most likely makes a huge difference in your business’ profits, and you want it to go as smoothly as possible. 

Reach Out to OneStop Computer & Audio Visual Rentals

When you need to rent a PC or rent a MacBook for your next conference, OneStop Computer & Audio Visual Rentals is here for you. Not only do we rent computers, but we have all the other equipment you need to make sure your conference is a success. From computers to monitors to even software, find it all here. Contact us online or call us at 1-800-782-1706.  for a quote today.

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