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Technology equipment rentals have transformed how businesses operate. These days, a company does not need to have a large inventory to support all of its undertakings. For example, if your core business is not audiovisual production, it does not seem appropriate to own the related systems. It would be best for your organization to rent this equipment when needed.

A company can conduct a cost-benefit analysis to identify which equipment is necessary to own and which is not. Analyzing your company needs in terms of renting versus buying equipment is critical. It plays a significant role in managing your costs and determining your business’s success.

Note that the most prominent service companies do not have the largest inventory. In contrast, they limit their inventory to what they need for everyday operations. With this in mind, let us take care of all your audio-visual needs so that you can keep your business on track.

OneStop Computer and Audio Visual Rentals

Hosting an event can be fun, from planning the details to setting up the venue and holding the actual event. Your business should be able to organize any event without worrying about acquiring the equipment needed to run the event.

We at OneStop Computer and Audio Visual Rentals enjoy helping to make your events successful. It is always a pleasure to provide you with professional rental services. Our packages are personalized to match your rental needs and your budget.

Our technical team will ensure your event space is ready for the audience or participants, whether you have upcoming trade shows, company training sessions, or a large business meeting. We provide nationwide service to any location within the US. We can also ship equipment overnight if you have an emergency meeting tomorrow and need extra laptops or tablets.

Many business events require a good sound system and LCD projector to put on a perfect presentation. You might also need additional laptops or tablets at stations around the venue. Our local team will support you in setting up all rented systems to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Integrating audiovisual equipment into your project makes your event stand out and can help you succeed!

Audio Visual Equipment Rental Services

We have a complete line collection of audiovisual (AV) equipment that runs on the latest technology. We are continuously updating our AV gear and inventory so that we can offer cutting-edge systems. Our AV equipment rental services include:

Audio equipment – encompasses the best channel mixers, microphones, and speakers to provide you with top-notch sound quality.

Projectors – includes quality projectors and several sizes of projection screens.

TV/Monitors – range in size from 24 inches to 86 inches, with static floor stands or floor stands with wheels.

Our experts, combined with an extensive inventory of technology rentals, offer our clients great service at a reasonable cost. If your event is in the area, we can be there to support you. We also ship equipment nationwide. We are a one-stop-shop for all your computer and AV needs. With an inventory of over 400 laptops, numerous tablets, the latest gaming computers, and more, we are able to accommodate any request.

Our organization evolves with technological advances, and thus we are constantly on the lookout to acquire the latest AV systems for our esteemed clients. If there is a specific computer, tablet, or system you need and is not in our inventory, we can easily find it for you.

To guarantee your next event is exciting and fruitful, contact us for a quote.

For urgent inquiries, give us a phone call on 1-800-782-1706 or contact us online.